Should You Hire a DJ for Your Wedding?

DJ headset on the DJ decks

There are lots of choices to make when it comes to wedding planning, and your to-do list can quickly grow. Between choosing the right flowers, picking the ideal menu, or selecting the right dress/suit – ticking off goals is tricky business (and not to mention overwhelming).

But more often than not, finding the most suitable approach to music is often the hardest challenge in the preparation process, with options from live music through to DJs on offer. So with that being said, what are the advantages of choosing a DJ over other avenues?


Weddings come with all sorts of costs and extra inclusions, and by the time it’s all done and dusted, you’re likely to be left with a hefty bill.

With the average cost of an Australian wedding coming in at $35,000, it’s not surprising that many couples now look for tactics to minimise fees along the way.

When it comes to entertainment for your big day, it can be hard to toe the line between ‘budget-friendly’ and cheap. While costs are great to cut down on, you don’t want your guests dancing to silence (or less than appealing tunes).

Beyond that,  your first dance as a couple will rely on some solid soundtracks, so it pays to think about all of this from the get-go. Luckily, hiring a DJ is a cost-effective way to incorporate music into your wedding, and all without the hassle of having to keep it all going smoothly, too

Take the stress out of your hands

Speaking of going smoothly, your big day will already be filled with plenty of stresses to keep in mind. So eliminate those associated with music and let a DJ take control.

A professional will ensure all of your most important details and requirements are met, all the while streamlining the process and setting up with the best possible equipment for the space. Eliminate the need to worry about hiccups occurring, as there will be someone on hand at all times to make sure it’s all going off without a hitch.

Expert party people

DJs know a lot about the job, but they know how to throw a party the most. Experienced experts in this field can also make the wedding reception a great time for everyone – no matter the age groups attending. Music does a lot to set the mood and vibe of the night, so keeping all of this in check will ensure your big day is one to remember (for good reason).

Cultivate the perfect playlist

One of the more attractive reasons to pick a DJ for most couples is the fact that they can take care of the hassle of creating the ideal playlist. Let them take care of the hard yards of choosing songs that will perfectly set the scene, all the while embracing reflect your love story.

Whilst hiring a band can be great, it can be limiting in genre, and often won’t appeal to all guests. This can prove difficult if you are wanting a wide variety of songs – especially if you and your partner have different music tastes. A DJ is a perfect compromise, able to make a transition between styles, all the while keeping the energy alive.

Looking to hire a DJ for yur wedding? Get in touch with our experts now to find out more about the best option for your budget.  We’ll provide you with a list of suitable experts in your area, and help you craft the perfect soundtrack for your big day

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