The Biggest Pop Tours of 2024: A Spectacle of Sound and Stage

Tours 2024

As we turn another page on our calendar, the global music scene is set to witness an array of spectacular pop tours in 2024. From chart-topping solo acts to sensational group reunions, fans worldwide are gearing up for an unforgettable year of live performances. Join us as we take a closer look at some of the biggest pop tours that are set to dominate stages across the globe in 2024.

Adele: “Limitless Sky Tour”

After a hiatus that left fans eagerly anticipating her return, Adele is set to embark on her “Limitless Sky Tour.” Known for her powerful vocals and emotionally charged performances, Adele promises to deliver a show that will resonate with fans on a deep, personal level. The tour will showcase hits from her latest album, as well as timeless classics that have made her a global icon.

BTS: “Euphoria World Tour”

K-pop sensation BTS continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their infectious energy and genre-defying music. The “Euphoria World Tour” promises to be a sensory extravaganza, featuring high-energy performances, intricate choreography, and a production that pushes the boundaries of live entertainment. BTS’s global fanbase, known as the ARMY, is ready to turn stadiums into a sea of glowing army bombs as they celebrate the group’s musical prowess.

Taylor Swift: “Harmony Revival Tour”

Taylor Swift, the queen of reinvention, is back with her “Harmony Revival Tour.” Swift’s ability to evolve and experiment with her sound has kept her at the forefront of the music industry. This tour will showcase her diverse catalogue, from country roots to pop anthems, promising a night of musical nostalgia and contemporary hits that appeal to fans of all ages.

Ed Sheeran: “Equilibrium Tour”

Ed Sheeran’s melodic tunes and relatable lyrics have made him a global favorite, and his “Equilibrium Tour” is highly anticipated. Sheeran’s intimate performances and acoustic sets create a unique connection with his audience. With a focus on balance and harmony, this tour promises a blend of heartfelt ballads and upbeat anthems, creating a musical journey that reflects the equilibrium of life.

Lady Gaga: “Galactic Odyssey Tour”

Known for her avant-garde style and boundary-pushing performances, Lady Gaga is set to embark on the “Galactic Odyssey Tour.” Expect a visually stunning spectacle with out-of-this-world stage designs, extravagant costumes, and a sonic journey through the galaxy of Gaga’s diverse discography. This tour promises to be a cosmic experience that combines art, fashion, and music in true Gaga fashion.

Olivia Rodrigo: “Rising Star Tour”

Olivia Rodrigo, the breakout sensation and voice of a generation, is set to embark on her “Rising Star Tour.” Riding high on the success of her debut album, Rodrigo’s tour promises an intimate and emotionally charged experience. With her raw and relatable lyrics, fans can expect a night of storytelling through music, showcasing Rodrigo’s incredible talent and connecting with audiences on a personal level. Tickets to the Olivia Rodrigo concert can be found here.

Dua Lipa: “Future Nostalgia Reimagined Tour”

Dua Lipa, the breakout star known for her infectious pop anthems, is embarking on the “Future Nostalgia Reimagined Tour.” Building on the success of her critically acclaimed album, Lipa promises a tour that blends futuristic sounds with a nostalgic vibe. Fans can expect a dynamic and visually captivating performance that showcases Lipa’s evolution as a pop sensation.

Justin Bieber: “Uncharted Journeys Tour”

Justin Bieber, a pop icon since his teenage years, is hitting the road with the “Uncharted Journeys Tour.” This tour marks a new chapter for Bieber, featuring tracks from his latest album and a mix of R&B-infused pop. With a focus on personal growth and self-discovery, Bieber’s performances are set to be both introspective and electrifying, showcasing his matured sound and magnetic stage presence.

Ariana Grande: “Stellar Serenade Tour”

Ariana Grande, known for her powerhouse vocals and dynamic stage presence, is ready to enchant audiences with her “Stellar Serenade Tour.” This tour promises a celestial experience, combining Grande’s signature vocal acrobatics with visually stunning production. Fans can anticipate a journey through Grande’s impressive discography, featuring hits from her chart-topping albums and the promise of unexpected surprises.


The year 2024 is shaping up to be an extraordinary one for pop music enthusiasts, with an impressive lineup of artists set to take the stage on a global scale. These nine artists collectively represent a powerhouse lineup for pop music enthusiasts. From established icons to rising stars, each tour brings a unique flavour to the global music scene, ensuring a diverse range of experiences for fans around the world.

Get ready for a year filled with unforgettable performances and the magic that only live music can deliver. Whether you’re a devoted follower of Adele’s soulful tunes, a member of the BTS ARMY, a Taylor Swift enthusiast, a fan of newcomer Olivia Rodrigo, or a Little Monster in awe of Lady Gaga, 2024 is sure to offer a pop music extravaganza like no other. Get ready to witness the magic of live performances as these iconic artists light up stages and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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