5 Signs You Should Become a DJ

dj spinning tracks on decks

Everyone who has been to a club has at some point looked at the DJ with envy and thought that it must be the best job ever. And we’re not going to lie – it’s pretty damn good. But it’s also hard work and requires a lot of dedication.

Not everyone can do it, but if you’re wondering whether the DJ life is for you, take a look at the following signs to see if you have what it takes…

You know how to get people into party-mode

At any party, wedding function or club, the DJ is the one that gets everyone up and having a great time. If they’re not good with crowds or can’t tell when people aren’t really digging the vibe, then it’s safe to say they probably won’t be asked back for another set.

Good DJs use their own energy and their crowd-reading skills to stay one step ahead of the party and keep everyone having a great time.

You love music

Most DJ’s don’t just play EDM or RnB at nightclubs and bars – they’re also hired for parties, school dances, weddings and private events where the music can range from classic hits to pop, jazz or rock, just to name a few. Not only are they willing to play anything under the sun, but they enjoy doing it as well.

After all, no one likes a DJ that looks like they’re hating every minute of their own set. If you love music regardless of the genre and can get down to practically anything someone requests, this might just be the job for you.

You’re known for making the best playlists

It’s one thing to love music – but when other people love your music too, then you know you’re onto something. If all your friends come to you begging to make them a sweet playlist for their parties because they know it will be a crowd-pleaser, then you may be DJ-material.

You’re a night-owl

It goes without saying that most DJ’s work evenings and nights instead of days. Whether you’re playing at a party or a club, it’s very different to the usual 9am-5pm work hours. If you can barely make it past 9pm without falling asleep, the DJ life might not be for you. But if you can stay up to all hours in the morning without blinking an eyelid, you could have what it takes.

You’re all about that party atmosphere

Great DJ’s thrive in a party setting. But this doesn’t mean any party-lover who goes out every weekend is up to the task. After all, DJ-ing is a job. Sure, you might do it in a club or at a party, but you still have to be on your A-game and able to stay focused on what you’re there to do; which is to help other people have fun. If you love a party atmosphere even when you’re not partying yourself, the DJ life sounds suited to you.

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