The Best Female DJs for Hire in Melbourne

The Best Female DJs for Hire in Melbourne

  • On July 12, 2020

Female DJs these days can give the boys a run for their money any day of the week and thanks to names like Peggy Gou (South Korea), REZZ (Canada), Amelie Lens (Belgium), Honey Dijon (USA) and even Australia’s own Alison Wonderland and DJ Jnett have become well-known to music lovers around the world.

Gone are the days when you had to drag around crates of records or clunky gear. You don’t have to be a weightlifter to set up and put together a proper DJ set up so down go the stereotypes that only men can properly put together a decent set with all the bells and whistles.


Looking to hire a Female DJ for your next Melbourne function?

Female DJs do have the advantage of being able to really glam up an event and change up their look while emphasizing their femininity, fashion sense and sex appeal in a way obviously a man can’t.

Having an ear for music, technical skill and the ability to please your audience is a skill devoid of gender restraints, however, if you want to convey a more feminine presence at your birthday, product launch or special corporate event then a female DJ will certainly help.

At Party DJ Hire we offer those looking for a more feminine edge to their event with a variety of Melbourne’s finest female DJs who are experienced, professional and friendly.

Here are a few of our gun lady DJs

DJ Candii KDJ Candii K

Kim Montalto AKA DJ Candii K has been professionally working the music scene for just over 20 years. In that time, apart from DJ work, Kim has gained experience in many areas of the music biz from live bands, show production, TV appearances, stage musicals, tribute shows and choreography.

She has also written and recorded her own original material and performs these live at various venues around Melbourne. Candii K has had the pleasure and honour of working with many talented, professional celebrity musicians such as Molly Meldrum, Brian Mannix, Scott Carne, Paul Gray, Eric Weideman and the late James Freud.

DJ EmzDJ Emz

DJ Emz played her first club gig at Pandora Club and since then has worked hard to perfect the craft of DJing. With not just a gorgeous smile, Emz is just as pleasing to the ear with her song selection and skills behind the decks.

Quite the versatile song selector, Emz is most happy with vibrant house tunes but can play anything required to make even the pickiest party goer get their groove on.

After upgrading her equipment, her expensive investment soon paid off with her garnering spots at popular venues such as Chasers Nightclub, Deluxe Bar and club, Inflations Nightclub, and The Alley lounge and nightclub as well as birthday functions and events across Melbourne.

DJ ClazDJ Claz

Clara Yates AKA DJ Claz is a Melbourne based DJ specialising in old school hip hop, R&B, Top 40, commercial house and retro grooves. Claz was born in Surrey, United Kingdom but now currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. She began DJing at the tender age of 15 on her parents’ old turntables, soon developing a taste for modern R&B.

At the age of 18 she began spinning at some of the UK’s hottest venues including The Key (Kings Cross), Oceania (Kingston), Yates’s’ (Leicester Square) and The Artful Dodger (Kingston). At the age of 19 Clara packed her bags and left for Australia where she promptly became a staple in Melbourne’s club scene.

Aside from Claz’s delightful British accent is her talented ear for music. DJ Claz is also a well-accomplished musician and music producer who crafts her own unique soundscapes.

Ophelie Mercury French DJOphélie Mercury

Ophélie’s music combines tribal beats, tech house, and soulful grooves to build her own musical universe and forge strong connections between herself and clubbers across the world.

In 2008 she was chosen to be ‘Only for DJs’ magazine’s muse and started to tour French clubs alongside Greg Cerrone & Martin Eyerer. It was there that she really started to make some noise and find her unique place behind the decks. From there she toured around Europe and North Africa.

Ophelie has unleashed her sounds (some of her own creating) at epic parties such as Technoparade Paris in front of 10,000 punters. In 2017, she moved to Melbourne where she has resided at Warehouse 3000 party and been a regular guest DJ across Melbourne’s underground music clubs.

Contact Us & Book One of Our Stars

Our ladies can class up your event while entertaining all those present. With skill and ability to read a crowd, our team can mix, blend and fire up any dance floor in Melbourne. Melbourne’s music scene is the most vibrant and forward-thinking in Australia and our female DJs are a testament to the edge we have over every other city in the country.

Party DJ Hire boasts a roster of female DJs who have been spinning for years and are known to also drop their own remixes and edits. These women are passionate about playing and creating music to keep you feeling wonderful.

Our Female DJs are well equipped to cater for every audience, creating fun, addictive sounds and electric energy for your next function or party. So if you are looking to hire a skilled and fun female DJ for your next event or party in Melbourne, then contact us now.


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